Friday, March 3, 2017

Spoiler-Free Logan Review

5 Stars for a stellar swan song to Hugh Jackman in the role. Expect the spoiler-filled Movie Chat episode on Sunday, but for now, enjoy a spoiler-free written review of Logan.

Fox strikes gold again without having to dig for it themselves. It just goes to show you don’t mess around with a director or star’s vision, and if you do, things get messier than a violent encounter with Wolverine. We begin with an elderly Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) getting into a roadside fight with some thugs who try stripping the car he uses for his job to fund medicine for Professor X (Patrick Stewart), who is in so horrible shape, he keeps him with Caliban (Stephen Merchant), an albino mutant who can track other mutants. This opening scene establishes just how (bleep)ing R-rated it (bleep)ing is, with profanity, blood, gore, etc. Like Deadpool without the humore. Life is like this for them before and during the first act of the movie until Transgien nurse Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez) hires him to take her surrogate daughter Laura (Dafne Keen) to a safe haven in South Dakota. Quick note on Laura, she is a mutant very much like Logan, and I must say it was brutal to see an 11-year-old fight just as violently as the now elderly Logan. Long story short, Logan, Professor X, and Laura are forced to escape Transgien’s head of security Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) after they launch an attack on their home, in one of the most violent scenes in X-Men movie history. They definitely give Deadpool a run for his money in terms of serious foul-language and blood-and-gore action. What follows is a road trip across Southwestern America, and Wolverine’s most intense-and-exciting film to date. It’s fairly lengthy, but engaging enough, but if you weren’t a fan of Deadpool’s blood-and-gore, then you’re not gonna like this any more. It also really nails in just how much of a person Logan is, and is the highlight of his father-figure relationship with Professor X we get only hints of in the other movies. This is definitely how they should have done Origins: Wolverine back in 2009, and The Wolverine in 2013, but better late than never. For those who ask, this takes place in the alternate timeline created in X-Men: Days of Future Past where Mystique didn’t kill Trask. Put simply, it takes place after the happy epilogue we saw in that movie, and something went horribly wrong to put them where they are in the opening scene. However, like Deadpool, there’s a fair amount of humor, although no satire of the genre needed. Marco Beltrami also returns to score the movie, and he makes it as intense as it should be in action scenes, while not going too far, or ripping off the Daredevil TV show’s action soundtrack. Ultimately, Logan is the Wolverine movie we needed and deserved after a prequel to the X-Men trilogy that made Fox create the new timeline, and follow-up to X-Men: The Last Stand that we’ll never see a follow up to because after that one, it’s basically the end of that timeline where there’s no hope for a future. We needed to see the R-rated Wolverine movie that Fox was gonna do in 2009 before chickening out, and deserved something more grounded while still being true to the world they live in. I’ll miss Hugh Jackman in the role, and I bet he’ll be like JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson: irreplaceable.

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