Friday, March 30, 2018

The Passion of the Christ Rating

Mel Gibson's passion for depicting The Passion is clear and present.
Quick note: I watched in English, but if you are on the fence about this movie, you can't get the English subtitles off the screen (at least from iTunes on Apple TV). My advice would be to watch it in Hebrew, which I intend to do after I publish this, or just ignore the subtitles if possible, because they do not show every single word uttered on screen, and are slightly different from what the English dub says, likely to go along with the Hebrew mouth movements (which I noticed). Otherwise, a fine movie that could have developed Jesus more before they showed Judas betray Him. Thanks for reading and have a nice Easter weekend.
The Passion of the Christ, 3/30/18, 88%, B+
-Is it well paced? 9/10, Yes
-Did it make sense? 10/10, Yes
-Were the main ones relatable? 8/10, Yes
-Were the main ones well developed? 8/10, Yes
-Was it clear? 10/10, Yes
-Is everything there for a reason? 10/10, Yes
-Did it convey the appropriate emotion(s)? 8/10, Yes
-Was it used appropriately? 8/10, Yes
-Was the humor appropriate, and did it work well? 7/10, Yes
-Were there few, if any unnecessary/uncalled-for profanities? 10/10, Yes
Numeric Breakdown
0. Unbearable
  1. Awful
  2. Really Bad
  3. Bad
  4. Weak
  5. Mediocre
  6. Questionable
  7. Good
  8. Great
  9. Amazing
  10. Perfect
Letter Grade
100%-97% = A+
96%-93% = A
92%-90% = A-
89%-87% = B+
86%-83% = B
82%--80% = B-
79%-77% = C+
76%-73% = C
72%-70% = C-
69%-67% = D+
66%-63% = D
62%-60% = D-

59% or below = F

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