Monday, March 5, 2018

Thoughts on the Star Wars Rebels Series Finale

15 minutes ago (as I write this) Star Wars Rebels came to an end with a well-done series finale. I'll be honest: I did not find it perfect, but it was still spectacular. I'll be more thorough another time and keep up with new TV with ratings, but for now, here are some thoughts on the series finale of Star Wars Rebels.


  • The force was strong with the three episodes that aired tonight. There were great character moments and things that did not need to be stated that were better left to facial expressions.
  • The Emperor's false appearance was off putting at first. In the middle and conclusion episodes, Emperor Palpatine (voiced by OG Emperor actor Ian McDiarmid) appeared as a hologram to Ezra. Makes sense that Ezra probably wouldn't be important enough to Palpatine when you consider he tried recruiting Luke in person. My bigger beef was with how Palpatine appeared: like he did in the prequels. Not the grotesque wrinkle monster from that point in the timeline, but a kindly statesman. However, after realizing it was either him using holograms like Disney's deaging VFX or force projecting a younger likeness like what Luke did in The Last Jedi, I felt duped, because he showed his true colors. In hindsight, it makes sense that Palpatine would try deceiving Ezra, and I fell for it too.
  • It stuck to the canon very well: no major victory for the overall rebel alliance (before the epilogue), but instead of Lothal having to realize they were a people, not a place, Ezra liberated his people at what may have cost him his own life. It was kind of vague, but it came to seem like either Ezra was reincarnated as a Lothwolf (the big wolves he befriended) or the force protected him as he dragged Thrawn across hyperspace. 
  • Speaking of that, Thrawn's Wookiepedia article confirms he hadn't been depicted in any part of the canon following the Battle of Yavin, although his knowledge of the Unknown regions helped the Imperial remnant escape to form the First Order.
  • I'd have liked to see Hera being promoted to general, but it may have come off as insulting to the eager-eared fans who caught her reference in Rogue One.
  • And finally: the epilogue was well done, although I'd like to know how Kanan and Hera were able to reproduce, though to bring in Star Trek for a moment, if Vulcans and humans can breed to give life to Spock, then it's clearly not impossible for Twi'lek and humans to breed. Hera raising a child during the Original Trilogy would also make sense for why she's not there with the rest of the alliance. I can just see it now: a comic series depicting Hera carrying and raising her son during the Original Trilogy is gonna be announced, or probably has been, I haven't checked. As for the absence of everyone else, Ezra was semi-Rogue-One'd out of the picture, Zeb probably went back to Lyrassan during the events of the movies, and Sabine probably went back to Mandalore at some point. I guarentee this though: other media will cover these events in some way, shape or form now that Rebels is done.
Overall, I enjoyed Star Wars Rebels's series finale, and am glad they didn't go full Rogue One on the main cast to explain them not being in the Original Trilogy.

I salute you Lucasfilm animation for the amazing work you've done for the last decade with animated Star Wars, can't wait for the next show (and don't lie to me: I know one's coming by the end of the 2010s)

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