Sunday, March 24, 2019

Guardians of the Galaxy Review (Project: Henry's Endgame)

Guardians of the Galaxy, 99%, A+, 4.5 Stars
Four and half years later, I’m still hooked on a feeling like never before. Let this go to show that the weirdest content can be the finest.
-Pacing 10/10
The movie moves nonstop with all the right spaces to breathe. Quick set-up of how Star Lord left Earth, then nonstop sci-fi action and comedy.
-Coherence 10/10
It all makes sense from start to finish: Star Lord leaves Earth in the most tear-jerking movie opening ever, grows up to become a space ace, meets a cool cast of aliens that he becomes best friends with.
-Relatability 10/10
The main cast of characters is each relatable in their own way. I found Rocket the most relatable, I liked the way he thought outside the box and could come up with great stuff right there. Star Lord also had a great character arc of coming to terms with his mother’s death and moving on.
-Development 9/10
All the Guardians were characters that this movie gave me a chance to give a crap about, and I gave a massive crap about them. The only character I didn’t find I could give a crap about was Ronan the Accuser, the main villain. He’s definitely on the weaker end of MCU villains due to the vagueness of his backstory making it seem like he was evil for evil’s sake.
They say something about Xandar-Kree relations, but don’t really go beyond that. Again, it makes him more of a plot device than anything else.
-Visual Believability 10/10
The CGI here is better because it’s a completely out of this world experience, and I found myself not really pulled out of the moment by obvious CGI, or if there was, I bought it more because it wasn’t set anywhere near Earth. The practical effects I know James Gunn used also help.
-Purposeful Content 10/10
Everything adds to the tight-paced story, with the Infinity Stone macguffin being less of the focus. While Thor: The Dark World exists mostly to establish the Reality Stone, this movie exists to tell the story of these outcasts coming together to be something bigger than themselves and establish the Power Stone.
-Emotional Resonance 10/10
Between Awesome Mix Vol. 1 and Tyler Bates’ orchestral score, not a scene goes by without great music.
-Appropriate Use 10/10
Each music piece also feels appropriate to their respective scenes.
-Appropriate Humor 10/10
The humor is plentiful and not overbearing like it can be sometimes. At least the marketing was honest about the comedic tone unlike other MCU films. The dance off to save the universe was more appropriate to this than a certain MCU film’s climax involving Star Lord that I won’t name here, but if you know me, you know what pissed me off about Infinity War.
-Appropriate Cursing 10/10
The naughty levels were perfectly edgy and added to the fun.
2014 was an amazing year for the MCU, I think it may have been their peak. I hope it wasn’t, but despite James Gunn’s Twitter history, I’ll always be hooked on a feeling with this one.

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