Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Iron Man 2 Review (Project: Henry's Endgame)

Iron Man 2, 83%, B, 4 Stars.
The follow-up to the invincible Iron Man pales in comparison to its predecessor. A confusing story and a vibe that it’s clearly just there to do all the stuff future movies of its universe don’t want.
-Pacing 7/10: It felt simultaneously short and long. I don’t know how else to put it.
-Coherence 6/10: There was a clearline of Tony making his new element and having Iron Man’s role in the world called into question, but there was so much going on with Justin Hammer, Vanko, the expo, etc. Also, towards the end, there’s the question of how he put together the new suit with a triangle light so fast, it just could have been clearer with that among other things.
There’s also no real sense of danger with the poisoning because of the fact he gets a fix from Black Widow, followed by the cure he makes himself. There wasn’t a sense of urgency from the story, and everything had to be resolved to make way for the Avengers.
-Relatability 8/10: Tony’s character arc is not as relatable as the first one, but it’s still meaningful with the father’s sins deal with Vanko. That’s about it.
-Development 8/10: The development here is not as interesting as the first one. Nothing from the first one is built upon beyond the inspiration of copycats. Also, while Vanko had the personal connection to Tony that the best MCU villains have, it just doesn’t match up with Obidiah Stane.
Side note: after seeing Captain Marvel last week, I just can’t look at Fury’s eyepatch and think of how anticlimactic the truth about how he lost it is.
-Visual Believability 10/10: The visual effects are amazing. The advanced holograms are cool to look at and believable, and the big CGI fights play out well.
-Purposeful Content 6/10: This movie has that skippable feel to it, because it doesn’t add anything to Tony Stark’s character or the MCU. It’s really just filler so the other movies can be more focused, and that’s fine by me, because I like an entertaining grab-bag of story points.
-Emotional Resonance 10/10: John Debney maintains the best parts of Ramin Djwadi’s heavy metal soundtrack, especially with the pulse pounding track when Tony’s making the new element. The Stark Expo song also adds to the first scenes in that setting, because it conveys the wonders of the tech they show.
-Appropriate Use 10/10: It appropriately goes with the heavy metal of Iron Man. The Expo song also enhances Howard Stark’s Walt Disney persona.
-Appropriate Humor 8/10: The humor was a bit heavy at times and a little cheesy. Entertaining, but cheesy.
-Appropriate Cursing 10/10: More of that early MCU naughty-content is present in Natasha’s lingerie photos, the way Tony eyes her. There’s also an occasional swear, but it all adds to the overall movie.
The Avengers were clearly still being assembled, and Marvel needed some heavier world building, and while this doesn’t go over-the-top with MCU set-up, its goofier nature and low-stakes make it the throw-away movie that’s only worth it to die-hard canon nerds like me and a time killer for anyone else.
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