Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Dark Knight Review

The Dark Knight, 96%, A, 4.5 Stars
The Batman movie fans deserve. The Dark Knight has it all: great action, quality characters, and an epic dynamic, all of which helps it hold up more than ten years later.
-Pacing 9/10
The movie itself is a bit long, but I can’t think of anything to not cut. The issue is more in presentation, but I digress.
-Coherence 9/10
The overall plot makes sense, but small things slip the cracks or get picked up on so far in that you may have forgotten how it was set up earlier.
-Relatability 10/10
I felt like these characters represented power dynamics we can all find relatable, especially with arguments of morality and whether we’re all really like the Joker deep down or not.
-Development 8/10
Despite that relatability, I still didn’t care too much for these characters. I care more than in Batman Begins, but Nolan never really shows enough of the human story to make me invest in them. We’re just presented with Jim Gordon’s family, and supposed to care because of Gordon, but we’re not shown enough of them being a family in my opinion.
On the positive side, Nolan develops Bruce Wayne well as the man trying to be the symbol and does a good job of showing how he covers his tracks, even in the face of Coleman Reese trying to expose him.
-Visual Believability 10/10
The visuals age outstandingly well thanks to minimal CGI. The world feels realer with practical effects and real crowds than any computer ever could make it.
-Purposeful Content 10/10
Everything advances the story of a city on the edge of order and chaos.
-Emotional Resonance 10/10
Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard give this soundtrack their all, with the Joker’s theme “Why so Serious?” in particular selling the terrifying nature of the character.
-Appropriate Use 10/10
It all enhances their respective scenes.
-Appropriate Humor 10/10
There’s just enough humor to break the tension, such as when Bruce covers his tracks with the ballet dancer boat or when he saves Gordon as Bruce Wayne and asks if he should go to a hospital to help detract any suspicion he’s Batman.
-Appropriate Cursing 10/10
The language is surprisingly clean, but the rest of the movie’s edgy enough for me to disregard it.
Franchises either die a crappy mess, or live long enough to see themselves rebooted and elevated to new heights. In this case, Batman lives long enough to be elevated to new heights. If you take away the suit, then it’s still a great movie about order and chaos, which means it ages very well.
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