Monday, April 15, 2019

Ant-Man and the Wasp Review (Project: Henry's Endgame)

Ant-Man and the Wasp, 3/2/19, 92%, A-, 4.5 Stars.
A reminder that solo superhero movies are still a thing after the massive epic of Infinity War. It also shows that solo superhero movies can be more focused. Who needs massive blockbusters when smaller blockbusters can be more fun and consistent?
The plot is simple and fast. Scott has to violate house arrest to help Hope and Hank from the previous movies rescue Janet the first wasp from the quantum realm. Some movies move so slowly you check your watch and think “it’s only been this long?” but this one moves so fast, you check your watch and think “it’s already been that long?”
As for tone, it didn’t seem to be able to choose between heist movie or something else. I’d say it was more of a sci-fi romcom than a heist movie.
For the most part, it makes sense and doesn’t have any obvious plot conveniences like Infinity War did with Iron Man’s plot-convenience suit or Star Lord’s temper tantrum. It’s full of scientific mumbo-jumbo, and aside from a simple fix or two, it’s a consistently fun ride.
The characters are great, with perfect relatability right after the Marvel Studios fanfare with Scott being an amazing daddy for his daughter. It’s also a great parallel for the hide-and-seek sequence Janet goes on to show Scott so Hope knows it’s her, and is just some down-to-earth fun to flesh out the characters.
As for development, the mains are well developed and the antagonist of Ghost is given a compelling backstory relevant to the overall plot, but it gets bogged down by the persistence of the weapons dealers who follow throughout. They’re so forgettable, I literally couldn’t remember the southern dude’s name and referred to him as such even after his name was explicitly stated.
At the very least, the visuals were great, and while I still didn’t like the extreme close-up shots, I loved the quantum realm’s design. Give us more quantum realm in Avengers: Endgame!
The dealers led by Sonny Birch, whose name I now remember, represent unnecessary fluff likely added to bring this movie closer to two hours than ninety minutes, but they were entertaining enough and everything else added to the whole quantum realm rescue, which would sum up the movie because it couldn’t seem to choose between heist movie or other. It was also great how they handled dealing with Infinity War without referencing the events: have the Pyms/Van Dynes turn to dust while Scott’s in the quantum realm, and have him trapped there, likely sucked into a time vortex Janet mentions in said scene, which would play into the time jump theory that’s going around.
Christophe Beck provided another awesome soundtrack. It was thrilling at the car chase scenes and serious in the quantum realm. He clearly upped his game from the first movie.
The movie was as funny and clean as the first one, so the humor was appropriate for the not-so-serious tone, but still stake-filled enough for tension to need breaking.
Overall, Ant-Man and the Wasp is the cherry on top of the MCU sundae, and is a fun, relatable time for kids and adults alike. Marvel brings their A-game to what others may consider their B-level flicks, and this is no exception.
-Pacing 9/10
-Coherence 8/10
-Relatability 10/10
-Development 8/10
-Visual Believability 9/10
-Purposeful Content 8/10
-Emotional Resonance 10/10
-Appropriate Use 10/10
-Appropriate Humor 10/10
-Appropriate Cursing 10/10

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