Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Doctor Strange Review (Project: Henry's Endgame)

Doctor Strange, 93%, A, 4.5 Stars
Doctor Strange, I’ve come to review you, and I have some choice critiques to make.
-Pacing 9/10
The movie slows down in places, but mostly moves along well.
-Coherence 8/10
The character arc of the good doctor makes sense, but there are some holes. It clearly takes place in 2016-17 based on the award in his trophy case, but my problem is with how he doesn’t get in trouble for trying to operate on the Ancient One toward the end after presumably losing his license. There’s also just an air of vagueness to Kaecillius’ goals, more on that in a bit.
-Relatability 9/10
I found Doctor Strange’s character relatable just like Thor’s: he goes from cocky king-of-the-world to disciplined master who bends the rules for the greater good.
-Development 7/10
Doctor Strange is developed well, but Kaecillius is definitely one of those weaker villains. He’s got no real connection to the hero and an incredibly vague backstory that’s relegated to an exposition dump by Mordo in training. It’s just not as compelling as Zemo, Aldrich Killian or Loki, and there’s nothing even close to redeeming this vagueness.
-Visual Believability 10/10
The visuals are stunning. These are without a doubt my favorite MCU visual effects because the surrealness of the experience allows for believability to be bent.
-Purposeful Content 10/10
Everything adds to Stephen Strange’s journey from arrogant SOB to likable Sorcerer.
-Emotional Resonance 10/10
Michael Giacchino can do no wrong.
-Appropriate Use 10/10
He also adds a nice flourish of Eastern instruments in the mystical portions of the movie.
-Appropriate Humor 10/10
There’s a good quip here and there, and none of it distracts.
-Appropriate Cursing 10/10
The language is mostly clean, and appropriate where it isn’t.
Nothing can be a strange choice for Marvel Studios, and this movie proves Marvel can make any premise with any lead watchable and enjoyable.
Numeric Breakdown
-1 = That Bad
0. Unbearable
  1. Awful
  2. Really Bad
  3. Bad
  4. Weak
  5. Mediocre
  6. Questionable
  7. Good
  8. Great
  9. Amazing
  10. Perfect
Letter Grade
100%-97% = A+
96%-93% = A
92%-90% = A-
89%-87% = B+
86%-83% = B
82%-80% = B-
79%-77% = C+
76%-73% = C
72%-70% = C-
69%-67% = D+
66%-63% = D
62%-60% = D-
59% or below = F
Star Grid
0%-19% = 0.5 Stars
20%-29% = 1 Star
30%-39% = 1.5 Stars
40%-49% = 2 Stars
50%-59% = 2.5 Stars
60%-69% = 3 Stars
70%-79% = 3.5 Stars
80%-89% = 4 Stars
90%-99% = 4.5 Stars
100% = 5 Stars

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