Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Incredibles Rating

The Incredibles, 4/13/19, 97%, A+, 4.5 Stars
This movie holds up incredibly well, from the animation to the story, and most importantly, the characters.
The movie moves a bit fast for my taste, which is weird when you consider this is the longest of Pixar’s movies, and I thought it moved kind of slow last time. Then again, I was in more of a Dash mindset last time. This time, I was not, and found it barely gave room to breath, but in the end, the plot makes sense and is consistent with its own universe.
The best part of any movie is the characters, and Brad Bird nails it with this cast of characters. You got the family dynamic working with their super powers by reflecting the character’s personality or family role that I didn’t realize until a friend pointed it out to me a few years back, and while I don’t overthink it, I do appreciate it. It’s typical family stuff taken to new heights that most of the population can relate to, whether it’s Dash’s impatience and pent-up energy, Violet’s shyness/awkwardness, Mrs. Incredible’s flexibility as a mother and super, or Mr. Incredible’s shape and power.
Even Frozone’s superpower plays into his personality: he’s super cool and chill, so he’s got ice powers. A cool power for a cool guy. There’s something for everyone to relate to in the main cast, and they’re all shown to be what they are, making for a nice collective character arc.
The animation holds up very well almost 15 years later, the same amount of time it was between the opening set-piece and the movie’s main setting. The textures look real enough to touch, but not so real they cross the uncanny valley. The only way this is actually better than newer CGI movies is that the backgrounds aren’t so realistic that they look like live-action shots, which just makes the stylized animated characters look silly, something I’m realizing with The Good Dinosaur, but that’s a topic for another day, great animation.
Of course, everything adds to the story, such as the aforementioned superpowers reflecting character traits, Mr. Incredible creating his own demons, and enough relatable situations to ground the characters in reality.
Michael Giacchino hits it out of the park with the soundtrack. It’s fast as Dash, fitting for the 1960s setting, and just as great to listen to separate from the movie as it is in the movie.
The humor is great, and unlike some MCU films, doesn’t get all that invasive. While the humor doesn’t get edgy, some of the story takes a dark turn that works out in its favor, which made me wonder why such a tone turned people off of Cars 2, until I remembered the Mater antics. They were smart to move the Jack Jack scenes of this to a short film of its own, and it’s consistent throughout.
Overall, The Incredibles is still an incredible movie for the young and the old alike. Pixar works its magic and gives us a movie that kids can enjoy, but I wouldn’t say it panders to kids. Also, when I saw the end this time, when Violet and Tony set up their movie date, I couldn’t help but think about how that ended up going in Incredibles 2, but more on that next week.
-Pacing 7/10
-Coherence 10/10
-Relatability 10/10
-Development 10/10
-Visual Believability 10/10
-Purposeful Content 10/10
-Emotional Resonance 10/10
-Appropriate Use 10/10
-Appropriate Humor 10/10
-Appropriate Cursing 10/10

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