Friday, April 5, 2019

The Purge: Election Year Review

The Purge: Election Year, 4/5/19, 91%, A, 4.5 Stars.
Blessed be the people behind these movies for learning from their mistakes and getting better and better.

The third Purge movie is truly the one with the treasure chest. It moves along well, and makes sense from beginning to end, although when Senator Charlie Dean let her hair down, I didn’t realize it was her until the movie said so.

These characters were well developed and mostly relatable. The villains were clearly meant to evoke fringe extremists the majority of people wouldn’t find relatable, making them more of a plot device with the only real dynamic being that they were on different political aisle sides. It was very clear cut, but the main characters we follow were likable and well-developed.

The only thing missing from this one the first two had was some intelligent debate on whether the Purge itself was good for the country or not, but all bets are off for a real debate because it’s not left to the viewer to decide. They just go all in on “Night of legal crime bad,” and leave it at that. I like how the pro-Purge people are portrayed as hive-minded, but come on, at least the first movie, a meager C grade one at that, brought up the debate of morality between “it’s a healthy release” and “that’s no way to run a country.”

The visuals were consistent and realistic as the first two movies. My complaint is that the amount of violence does pile up over time and feels overwhelming, regardless of the message.

The soundtrack just works well, especially with the chilling chanting that shows what kind of cult has grown around the Purge.

There could have been a little more humor, but the language was appropriately filthy to help sell the intense situation.

Overall, this threequel is the best due to some aspects, but it’s missing what the first two had: the way they left the answer of whether the Purge itself is good for society or not.

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